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Lead Management

Never lose again leads in your mail inbox! "The Collector" contents an easy to handle Leads Management System. Mails come to your mailbox as usually but also you can manage them from the dashboard of your website, you can export them into a CSV file for further processing, f.e. in an email campaign. On demand you can activate the Captcha Method to avoid spam.

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Classic Design

No need to explain. This classic design is pleasant for visitors. No fancy stuff, no confusion about what to do. All is easy to understand and to find. This fits best for most craft and service businesses. By the way we can modify this website for your business. If you want to sell downloads (PDF files) or book your services, we can implement payment gateways with PayPal.

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Smart Marketing

... or better call it "Magic Marketing"! It happens subconsiously. Once an user has been on your website he will see your business articles on Facebook. By this way a bond comes up that will be irrestable for him to become your client. And all this just for pennies. Beyond newsletter marketing: The Client Magnet!

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"The Collector" - More than a website!

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Our work with, for and as small business owners thought us a lot about the requirements of small businesses and led us to invent a tailored solution to meet this needs.

Unlike many designers we focus on usebillity for the visitor and the business owner, on functionality to be available for the biggest audience with all the different devices they access the website, the important connection to Social Media and the latest marketing techniques from successful internet marketers to help our clients to grow their businesses.

Another important view in the process of development was to keep it simple and easy for our clients. For working with us our clients don't need to study technical terms. We keep the communication understandable for everyone. The complete process is designed to be comfortable and easy. Booking our service, payment and sending the content for the website: All follows a clear structure and we help at every step.